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The beginning. August 24, 2009

Posted by krbradford in Blog Stuff.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the beginning of my new blog. I love blogging, and many of you may already be aware that I have two themed blogs – one that chronicles my self-improvement project, 101 Things in 1001 Days, and another that explores the four corners of the world through my postcard collection. I still exchange postcards through the website Postcrossing.com, and I have often lamented the fact that I have no easy place to direct my international friends to learn more about the beautiful city where I live – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Homestead Grays Bridge

Homestead Grays Bridge

My days of complaining are over. I have decided to explore Pittsburgh on my own two feet and create a blog that follows my explorations. I’ve spent countless minutes and hours trying to decide on the best way to attack this project – how do I organize my exploration of one of the most confusing, meandering cities on the entire planet? At first I considered exploring Pittsburgh by neighborhood – the city is divided into 90 official neighborhoods, with many more just outside the city limits or too small to be counted officially. Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh are very important – the people of Pittsburgh identify very strongly with their particular neighborhood, and everyone thinks their own neighborhood is the best. When you meet a fellow Pittsburgher and ask where they live, they don’t tell you what suburb or street they live on – they tell you what neighborhood they live in, and you can tell a lot about that person by their answer.

Me at Point State Park Fountain with city skyline in back.

Katie at Point State Park Fountain with city skyline in back.

I have lived in Pittsburgh for over two and a half years now, but I still feel like a newcomer – the city is confusing, divided into counterintuitive sections by its bizarre geography. Often you must drive miles out of your way to go around a hill or a park, or to find a bridge to cross one of the three rivers. There are still neighborhoods I’ve never heard of, and at least once a week I find myself driving through a section of town I’m completely unfamiliar with. Every time I think, “Why haven’t I been here before?” And yet it happens… all the time. That being said, I decided the exploration of Pittsburgh by neighborhood wouldn’t be sufficient… neighborhoods, in some cases, can be huge – sprawling, confusing, and too rich in history to be lumped into a single category. That’s when it struck me – the United States National Park Service has already done the organizational work for me. The United States has a wonderful network of interesting, historically significant places listed on their National Register of Historic Places, and the list grows every day. Each of these places has a plaque with information about the site, and each is guaranteed to be worth a visit. There are over 200 sites in Pittsburgh alone – through my exploration of these sites, I’m almost certain to see almost all of the important areas of Pittsburgh. While I visit these sites, I will explore the areas where they are located, take photos, and share with you everything that I have discovered. So I hope you’ll follow along with my adventures and discover Pittsburgh with me! 🙂

With love,




1. Marim82 - August 25, 2009

Hello Katie,

I love this idea. Gives me the opportunity to travel in my mind :). Can’t wait to read more – I’ve added you to my reader.

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