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The G-20 comes to Pittsburgh this week. Look here for real-time updates on protests, performances, and more. September 22, 2009

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G-20... a good idea?I plan to update this post with information regarding the activities centered around the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh this week. Check back here as I add links, videos, and photos about the noteworthy things going on in Pittsburgh as the week progresses.

The Guardian’s live updates on what’s happening on the ground in Pittsburgh for the G-20

BBC World News America: Video on Pittsburgh’s G20

Dramatic photos of a Greenpeace banner hung from the West End bridge

Time Magazine: Why Pittsburgh?

One.org – see the mural they are painting downtown to draw attention to the need for African aid


Bomb squad called about suspicious item in Shadyside

WDUQ documents G20 on Flickr

G20Buzz.com keeps up to date on tweets and Flickr photos about the G20

Point Park University students give flash mob dance performances downtown

Reuters G20 coverage

Radio France International covers the G20 in Pittsburgh

Protests slideshow

List of Pittsburgh closures for G20 (it’ll blow your mind)

Approved G-20 demonstrations

Remember my post  on 109-115 Wood Street? Check out their G20 protest preparations:

115 Wood Street boards up for G20


Pittsburgh public art: murals and more. August 26, 2009

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Lawrenceville (Penn Avenue) MuralDear Reader,

My boyfriend says I need to stop sounding so much like an encyclopedia and more like a human, so here’s my effort at doing that.

One of the things I love MOST about Pittsburgh is its public art… I keep saying things to my endlessly patient boyfriend about how I would love to go around photographing all the murals in Pittsburgh and publish a book with the photos, but with a photography skill level of zero, that isn’t really feasible. Now that I have this new venue, I’m excited to scope out, photograph, and share all the great public art in Pittsburgh. All told, I’m betting there’s well over 100 murals around Pittsburgh, maybe a lot more. So while I’m out and about, checking out Pittsburgh’s 205 sites on the National Register of Historic Places, I hope to place special focus on the public art in the areas I’m exploring.

The Two Andys

Since 2003, the Sprout Fund has sponsored 45 public art projects in communities all over the city, and my understanding is that there were more completed this summer that are ready to be unveiled. I cannot stress enough how amazing these Sprout Fund-sponsored murals are – they beautify and revive depressed neighborhoods, and they add brightness and levity to stable neighborhoods. You can see a map showing locations of murals completed from 2003 to 2006 by clicking here. Any time I happen across a mural I haven’t seen before, it always excites me. I’ve scattered pictures of a few of those murals throughout this post, but you can see a lot more photos, including before-and-after shots, by visiting the Sprout Fund Public Art website. And, I kid you not, as I was sitting here writing this post, an advertisement came on the radio announcing the Sprout Fund’s Annual Benefit South Side MuralParty at Bakery Square, chock full of food from delicious local restaurants, local beer and wine, great local music, and tons of other really awesome stuff that you can read about right here. It sounds really fun (flamenco dancing! local honey tasting! Dozen cupcakes! Penn Brewery!) and I really wish it didn’t cost 50 bucks a person, but truly, it goes to a good cause – the Sprout Fund not only sponsors public art, but lots of other great grassroots community projects.

Look out for my focus on Pittsburgh’s murals in my future posts – I intend to pay them special attention as I travel about, pondering Pittsburgh’s historic sites. And in case you’re wondering, my travels begin tomorrow, and they lead me to downtown Pittsburgh. Ciao!

With love,